Forget/Get over Him Spell

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Forget/Get over Him Spell
Post # 1
Thank you in advance for taking the time to read/answer this! (I feel very silly asking this as I am a grown woman and should know better....)

I am in love with a man whom I have come to (painfully)realize does not feel the same way about me; now and most likely never. I've been in love before and I realize time heals everything and that this too shall pass but the thing is we HAVE to see each other a DAILY (mon-fri) basis and it's just too much for me.

I am some of you have known the pain of an unrequited love and may understand my asking for help to 'get over him' as quickly as possible!

1. (besides 'time') Is there any Harm to None spell I that could cast on MYSELF to help me forget him/stop loving him/stop wanting him etc.

2. I heard that you can cast a Love Spell on YOURSELF is that true and would that also help? And how would that help?

Thank you again!!!
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Re: Forget/Get over Him Spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I say break a love spell he may have put on you. that's love spell that's in reverse. Also breaking a hex. By any means, get this person out of your mind body in any reversed way possible.
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Re: Forget/Get over Him Spell
Post # 3
If you don't want to see him anymore you could always banish him out your life.
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Re: Forget/Get over Him Spell
Post # 4
You could try making a clay poppet, pour any unwanted emotins into it and bury it in a container. Cleansing yourself and your home in lemon can transmute any negativity this may be causing. Laying unde the light of the waning or new moon can help pull away unwanted feelings. Do your best to focus on something else. By thinking "I love this person" or "I do not want to love this person" projects the thought of loving them into the universe and will often increase the effects on you. Bury it to let it go or write it down and burn the paper to cleanse and release it. That is what I would do. Best of luck!
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