Simple Truth Spell

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Simple Truth Spell
Post # 1
Hi, So my daughter wants to cast a (Harm To None) Truth Spell on one of her friends that she believes is lying to her.

1. Is there such a thing as a Harm To None Truth Spell?

2. Know of any known Truth Spells that work?

Thank you for your input!

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Re: Simple Truth Spell
Post # 2
It is just my opinion, but, cast a spell just because you think someone is lying ? Transparency and firmness is a differential, which people to see how different are you, people often lie because they do not trust the other, maybe if she try to be secure and talk directly instead of cast spell for that, could bring the truth.

Blessed be.
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Re: Simple Truth Spell
Post # 3
thank you for your reply...I am new to this and I guess I misunderstood but I thought A Truth Spell was to get someone whom you suspect of lying to tell the truth? My daughter has talked to her many times and tried to get her to be honest...didn't help too much. :-)

thank you again for your quick response!

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Re: Simple Truth Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
1. well i've never done a truth spell before, but it could work. depending on why the person is keeping a secret could determine if it would bring harm or not. meaning lying to not hurt her friend. but a truth spell that won't case the person to become physically injured, yes, those exist.

2. you could try a simple candle spell. use a white or blue candle, charge it with energy then light it, and think about her telling you the truth. [if you want to say a chant you can] let the candle burn out, don't blow it out [as that will undo the spell] if you must put it out, snuff the flame. for this type of spell though, i think i would wait until the new moon or waxing moon phase to cast.
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Re: Simple Truth Spell
Post # 5

Also consider that the 'truth' could bring pain to the person seeking it. It may also bring pain or embarrassment to the one giving it.

Truth is not a clear issue in many cases, your daughter needs to be willing to accept that what comes after this spell is cast may be different from what she imagines. Often our worst case scenarios and our best case dreams don't even come close to the reality of a situation.

Nekos gave a nice spell for truth.

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