How to Read Tarot Cards?

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> How to Read Tarot Cards?

How to Read Tarot Cards?
Post # 1
I read the descriptions and things and I dont understand..Is there a certain way I should be reading them? thank you.
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Re: How to Read Tarot Cards?
Post # 2
from my understanding the diviner needs to put the descriptions in their own words and "feel" the meaning of that description for the question at hand. i think it also depends on the layout you use as well.
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Re: How to Read Tarot Cards?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Read the cards like any other picture book you usually read. Discard the LWB and go with the flow. Use your intuition, your feelings, make a story (since it is telling you the story of the querent question), do a card of the day and see how it resonated with you.
There is so many ways to read a tarot just find any method that you feel comfortable with a d get yourself a tarot journal (I'm a journal junky) and write if you like to journal or draw the picture if you like to draw. Also remember to have fun!
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Re: How to Read Tarot Cards?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Gonna second on the tarot journal advice :) That helped me so much with learning the cards! It also helps to study up on the history and evolution of tarot, read up on the "stories" behind each of the cards, and commit to memory a basic understanding of each one of the cards and their interactions with one another. Over time, you will develop a more intuitive sense while working with them, and it gets easier. Practice practice practice, and I'd also recommend getting a deck for yourself that you not only feel comfortable with, but might also be a good clue giver for meanings. There are decks out there geared specifically for beginners, with illustrations that are both beautiful and self explanatory.
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Re: How to Read Tarot Cards?
Post # 5

I started out by just simply looking up the definitions of the Major Arcana. I wrote those down, and moved to the suits of the Minor Arcana. Then I started at looking at different spreads, numbering the cards of the layout, and then teling what the meaning of the card put in a specific spread meant.

Now it may be good to go by the book every once and a while, but cards will mean different things depending on who you're reading, the spread you're using, and the situation they want insight on. So when in doubt, go with your gut.

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Re: How to Read Tarot Cards?
Post # 6
Reading tarot cards is diffrent for the individual, so always remember they don't mean the same to everyone else. I started out by what type of scene the cards was, what was happening in the scene, I paid attention to my feels, listened to my thoughts, etc. Then after you have done that look through the booklet and see if you was accurate. Its a simple but effective exercise to do.
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