boy who is a bully

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> boy who is a bully
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boy who is a bully
Post # 1
okay I have a problem, I started 8th grade this year, and there is a boy who is bullying me here's whats been happening: 1. I was at the backpack shack and I had all this stuff in my hand sop I put my Teen Titans wallet in my mouth so he comes up to me and says ''what are you doing?'' I told him ''I'm getting my backpack'' he replied ''what do you just stand there and block everyones way?'' I said ''no I'm getting my backpack'' so I got my backpack and he said ''okay now you've got your backpack now get out of the way so I can get mine'' I thought he was in a bad mood or something then he started to become abusive I have this Teen Titans psychotic obsession I know that he knows that I know that the Teen Titans are real I was reading a comic just the recent Friday and he puts his hand on my comic and says ''does this look REAL TO YOU????? ''I told hm no, but it actually happened'' he then yanked it from my hand I tried to get it back but he was showing it around to his friends I told him a week before that if he didn't stop I'd tell on him he said if I told on him that he'd get 5 to 6 fake witnesses that I was harassing and bullying him he also said ''we'll make up lies and rumors'' I said ''that's black mailing''he said ''no its not'' all the fake witnesses said yeah I'm all for this I said fine and he told me he has a mental problem so he wasn't doing anything and this other boy said ''Sandra if he's being rude, hit him'' I said ''no, violence is never the answer'' the bully said, ''yeah if you touch me I swear I'll slap you he's been doing this for a long time it's actually still going and no spells I want to settle it properly and to this day I have not told on him I feel that I'll be punished as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: boy who is a bully
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
When a bully confronts you alert the nearest adult...but honey, Teen Titans are not real, they are cartoons.

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