Spells that actually work

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Spells that actually work
Post # 1
Hi, I am NerinaCat, I am a newbie and I am only at the beginning of my experience with magick. I read a lots , TONS of things in this site, so tonight I will re-try to meditate correctly and to gain energy ... and, maybe, to cast a spell that is at the right level for a beginner. Can you suggest me a spell that you know it will actually work? Yeah, I know, I have zero experience so it might not work for me cuz I havent got much energy, but I want to spend my time thinking "I dont care if it will not work the first time, I am satisfied because I am doing a spell that is not a fake spell!". And I have faith. So I hope you can give me some spells that you know will work! Thank you!
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Re: Spells that actually work
Post # 2
Why dont you practice basics first then create your own spells remember every spell work if you know how to cast conditions*
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Re: Spells that actually work
Post # 3
I practice basics like maditation and thing like that, I already know them
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Re: Spells that actually work
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

The first thing to understand is that spellwork is not as simple as finding some spells on the internet, lighting a few candles, chanting some words and **POOF** magic happens. Until you understand how and why magic works and have mastered the basics it is unlikely that any spell you try to cast is going to be effective. I would recommend starting with some good books on the subject. I suggest the following:

"Before You Cast a Spell" by Carl McColman

"Spells and How They Work" by Janet and Stewart Farrar

"The Veil's Edge" by Willow Polson

"Modern Magick" by Donald Kraig

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Re: Spells that actually work
By: / Novice
Post # 5
you know circle casting right? elements and their attributes, as well as colour association and moon phases?

a simple beginners spell would be candle magick. take a candle of the corresponding colour you wish to cast [like blue for health white for protection] charge the candle with energy and light it. as the candle burns, visualize your intent. let it burn out, but if for whatever reason you need to put it out, snuff the candle, don't blow it out, as blowing out the flame will undo the spell, or at least blow away some of the energy.
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