Magic Item Shops?

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Magic Item Shops?
Post # 1
Can anyone Glasgow tell me if there are any good magic item shops around here. So far I've found this one; does anyone know if it's any good?
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Re: Magic Item Shops?
Post # 2

In my opinion I think you should check it out by yourself cause only you can tell if its good for you or not

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Re: Magic Item Shops?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I just looked at the shop briefly and it looked like a good one, not big and commercial, more handmade and personal.

You can make most things work for you if you want. I relied on commercial oils, kits, things other people made when I was so out of energy for a long time. Now, I have to make my own stuff, because of money matters. Both styles work fine.

Be organic as possible, and that works the best in either case.

I suggest reading over as many magick "potions" as possible, and find one easy to make, make in fairly large batches, and is all purpose.

I bought a giant bottle of blessed citrenella oil for $40.00, but I wouldn't suggest that. I'm keeping it for the day I need a huge cleaning fast.

I've been going to a candle shop in Greek Town, Chicago for 30 years and just wondering around and getting a feeling for what I might need. Of course they put all the "good stuff" behind the counter. But everyone is friendly, knows my name, will answer any questions I have, and have bought jewelry off of me for a wholesale price.

They always suggest burning a huge beeswax candle for hard times.
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Re: Magic Item Shops?
Post # 4
I get my supplies from Their customer service has always been great and have always gotten my supplies to me in a timely matter. They have a lot of supplies there that you can choose from and they pretty much cover all paths when it comes to merchandise. I have used many different online shops and they are by far my favorite.
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Re: Magic Item Shops?
Post # 5
I also like 13 moons they do carry a lot blessed be
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