Astral Demons

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Astral Demons
Post # 1
I was wishing to ask if communicating with demons is a bad thing. I hear them and see them a lot.
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Re: Astral Demons
By: / Novice
Post # 2
In my experiance ( note I dont so much calk them demons but dark beings. Dont think theres a differance though) it can be but not all of these dark beings are bad or cause bad things, yiu just hae to be careful and know that they dont think or act or even understand like humans. Most find emotions confusing. I have only found these things or beings in the lower levels of te astral realms and dont visit them often.
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Re: Astral Demons
Post # 3
I have the same problem as u bro
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Re: Astral Demons
Post # 4
The ancient Greek did not see terms of good or bad. They called them helpful or chaotic. Chaotic meaning they could help or they could be mischievous. In all my workings with such entities they have shown me that much like us they have the capacity for the gambit of emotions and willingness or lack there of to help or hinder. There is a lot of information on demons as well as personal information for the specific entires themselves. I always suggest learning as much as you can on what your dealing with.
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Re: Astral Demons
Post # 5
I agree. Daemons are rarely evil, but you must be careful. I've only met one or two but they seem to be motivated purely by self interest and make choices based on cost vs. benefit. Pretty much the best way to keep a daemon from harming you is to convince it you aren't worth the consequences (ex: you will retaliate). I've also managed to earn a daemon's respect through a display of my power and knowledge, (it agreed to converse since I'd managed to sneak up on him and later was surprised by how much I knew) so I'd recommend that to you too.
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