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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Blessings?

Post # 1

My friend has this odd feeling. His body emits heat on levels that he can control. It is definitely an unnatural sense of heat. He told me that he has had this feeling as long as he can remember. I figured that it might be the blessing of a god or godess, because he can't turn it off. He can only control the level of intesity. When you feel it coming off of him, it sends a little tingling sensation through your body. When he intensifies it, He can make a ball of fire that for some reason only he can see. If it is not a blessing, it has to be a spell or curse. If it is, then I might try to remove it. I have some experience in that field of magick, and some experienced friends to help. I need to know before I try anything, so I won't hurt my friend or anyone else. Please help me? I've researched everywhere, and the closest thing I found was electrokinetics. I need help soon.

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Re: Blessings?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
What kind of body temperature does he normally run. Is it possisble that he has chronic hyperthermia and not something supernatural?
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Re: Blessings?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
"a ball of fire that only he can see"...thats because he is playing make believe. I can see on your bio that you are very young. Beginners, especially the young, need to be cautious about letting their imaginations and the imaginations of their friends cloud reality in regards to magic. Dont let this friends imagination and tall tales lead you astray. Maturity, common sense, and magical knowledge/basic intelligence are the greatest and most essential tools of the craft.
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Re: Blessings?
Post # 4

I may be young, but I'm not new to magick. I'm just new to Wicca. I'm pretty sure that it's something magickal that's wrong with him. One minute it was an intense feeling, and just like that he turned it down. But, thanks for caring that I may be going astray.

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