judgemental/anger issues

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judgemental/anger issues
Post # 1
First let me start by saying that I have OCPD. I have thoughts that I cannot control and I basically thrive from approval of others as well as I am very judgemental if things are not done a certain way. Its a hard disease to deal with. I have tried several things, non medicational, to help me. Ive done meditation and I have tried anger spells. I cannot seem to get this under control. I do not want to judge people that are not like me as I do not like to be judged for my differences either. Again, its something I feel I cannot control. Its the ideas that pop in my head and the more I try to make them go away, the more they seem to develope. I am open to anyone who has any ideas that may help me get these ideas, notions, and judging feelings from my head. The anger comes when something should be done a certain way and it is half done another way. Control issues are a huge part of OCPD.....but I think in that notion I am doing a bit better.
Any Suggestions? I do not want to take any medication for this unless it is natural.
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Re: judgemental/anger issues
By: / Novice
Post # 2
You a strong person for having to cope with this disease for so long and I offer my support in anyway I can help.

One thing I can think of is doing something similar to Voodoo. You take a doll or even a sock with the right herbs sew in it and you use it to put all your anger, judgment, and whatever feelings you want to get rid of in it.

Take whatever you wish, it can be a small pillow, doll, even a cloth pouch you can keep in your pocket or around your neck like a medicine bag and put Aloe, alyssum, lemon/balm, and lavender in them plus maybe a small stone of crystal of somesort. Even amythest would be a good choice. Sew it up and keep it near you. Whenever you feel these emotions or thoughts that you don't wont, channel them into this item. Feel yourself be free of them.

If you feel you need a new one as this one after some use either empty the pouch of herbs if its in a medinicen bag or burn the pouch and start new.

Note: The best color to use for the cloth would be Black as it obsorbes better and cotton is the best fabric. Socks work great!

Hope this helps and if it doesn't please message me and we will think of something different.

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Re: judgemental/anger iss
Post # 3
Finding control within yourself can be tough but it is possible. Something that may help would be a funeral spell or spirit bath. Both were given to me under similar circumstances. You may look them up but if you would like an explanation of them mail me and I will ask permission.
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Re: judgemental/anger issues
Post # 4
thank you both so much. I am looking forward to getting my pouch together. I have plenty of lost black socks that actually seem to fit perfect for the need. My anger needs to get lost just like the socks mate. haha
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