misuse of the term fluffy

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Forums -> Comments -> misuse of the term fluffy

misuse of the term fluffy
Post # 1
Originally the term was meant to mean those that are all "love and light". Often people on this site label role players and people that believe they can change their dna or shoot fireballs as such. Just thought I would point out the correct use of "Fluffy"
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Re: misuse of the term fluffy
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I have to say I find the term rather annoying. My generation unfortunately used it to term people who were gay, so its hard for me to see that term not think that.
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Re: misuse of the term fluffy
By: / Novice
Post # 3
That's not what the term originally meant at all.

"The primary definition of a Fluffy Bunny is one who refuses to learn, refuses to think, and refuses to consider the possibility that they could possibly ever be wrong. Generally, they find one book, author or website and follow it as if it were the holy word, frequently denouncing anything that disagrees with it as obviously false. Fluffy Bunnies rarely get past the defense of "Because [insert favorite author here] says so." Sometimes they don't even get that far, responding to any and all criticism with something like, "You're just trying to persecute me!"

If people who role play, or believe outrageous things come here and attempt to not only discuss it in a serious manner, but refuse to accept anything else as truth, the term Fluffy Bunny does indeed apply to them.

And if you re-read that accepted definition (accepted by the vast majority of the Pagan/Occult community), a large portion of people on this site and in that chatter fall under the definition.
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Re: misuse of the term fl
Post # 4
Books and any other teachings should always be taken as subjective rather then scripture. Thank you for your input. Guess the term has changed meaning several times *sigh*
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