How I A.P easily

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How I A.P easily
Post # 1
You can meditate, concentrate on your spiritual body rising, it must work for a lot of people because I've read books on it, googled it etc. One of the threads on how to A.P say's you cannot hear while in an obe, I can. Sometimes you see everything clearly and in it's place and sometimes you might visit a different realm. The first time I had an obe - I was very tired, my body felt very heavy, I was watching Kat Dealy narrating on a music programme, my ankles were crossed and I was lay down on a friends settee. My left ankle was really uncomfortable, as the right one was crossed over it and it took a whole mighty effort to move it but I did. I could not move my head but my eyes were half open, I looked down expecting to see the tops of my now separated feet, to my disbelief, they were still crossed! I lifted my leg up, it was like moving it through glue, I could not see it! I was amazed with this then I got creeped out and it stopped.
Now I usually accidently slip into sleep paralysis, it can be uncomfortable, your body (well mine does) probably will start to vibrate, get a rushing sound in your ears (you may or may not), this is when I try with every ounce of strength to move an arm, a leg, an anything! I mean try to move my physical self when I know I'm paralysed, that's when I astrally project. It works most of the time for me and it's by far the easiest way I have found and the more I've used this way the more different ways I've separated from my physical body, I've rolled and 'fell' onto the floor, I wasn't actually on the floor but I could feel the carpet fibers tickling the end of my nose. I've taken my arm out of my bodily arm, and took time to see if I could see anything at all, there was a very thin, shimmering (like a heat-wave shimmer) line around the edge of where my arm would/should/ have been. Going to bed without having a wee stands a good chance of waking your mind before your body.
I actually read this method and that has worked, but I only astrally projected spiritual essence to the toilet :/ mind you my soul didn't need to pee but I felt tugging/need to get back to my body because it was bursting! :) But hey-for a first timer it can show they CAN do it.
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Re: How I A.P easily
Post # 2
Very I see you use the meditation toward astral projection method and you are somewhat correct thats a method almost nothing. But if you keep working on that one method you would master that method (it's nearly impossible to master astral projecting). Its kinda funny because I use that same method ever since i was 8 years old (im 19 now) and it only take me 5-13mins to completely astral project. So keep up the good work.
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Re: How I A.P easily
Post # 3
hehe, I know, I tried to master astral projection (lol) through meditation. honestly the closest I got was thinking my hand was slightly floaty. Nah I think we best stick to the method thats more likely to work. Saying that...the night I meditated left me truly and utterly over-tired and I went into S.P by accident, as usual, floating almost upside down. My poor brain must have overworked itself. Infact--think I'll try tonight. Fingers crossed :-) x
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