sugar spell?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> sugar spell?

sugar spell?
Post # 1
has anyone done one? Can you just put in sugar and the intent or do i need to add rose petals?
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Re: sugar spell?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Perhaps it would help if you would tell us a bit more about the spell you're trying to cast. It sounds like some sort of love spell? But without knowing the specifics of the spell it's hard to say what could or could not be omitted.

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Re: sugar spell?
Post # 3
Yes it is a love spell. I would like to have my x back and have it be his idea so maybe this will help. I woke up with a spell and posted this am but I am sorta scared of it so I want to try something else first.
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Re: sugar spell?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
but its not his idea, you are the one casting the spell.... Any experienced caster will tell you first off that love spells are a VERY BAD IDEA. What is guaranteed to happen is that you will bind yourself more closely to the target who at best will demonstrate the illusion of love temporarily. Take a playing card, leave it outside during a rainstorm then allow it to dry naturally outdoors for 3 days. Look at the card, it is faded and warped. This is the sort of "love" you will achieve from casting love spells. Love that is forced is not really love. If however you feel you simply MUST cast this or any other spell then it would be best to stick to the spell as it is written, otherwise why not just write your own. People will tell you that is it better to write your own anyhow, and that is true if you know what you are doing. ON the other hand, if you dont really know what youre doing and just beginning to learn the craft...settle down, its not time to cast yet. Remember you had to learn to ride a bike before you could cruise down the street? Well, you have to learn this first too, and there are no training wheels so take slow and steady and you might avoid the skinned knees :)
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