How Magick Works

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How Magick Works
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-How does magick work?

Well, in a way, magick is just energy. The world, and everything around us is made of energy, magick just puts a spark into the energy, and directs it with your intentions to accomplish that goal.
A lot of my friends ask me, "Dude, what the heck? How does that work?!" Then before I can tell them they tell me that it works because you think it will- like they just found the secret of humanity. But it doesn't.

No one knows how it really works, but we do have a debate on how it works. Here's the two main ones-

Lets say you cast a spell to get a girlfriend, (Or a boyfriend, whatever you prefer.)and the next day the teacher tells you that the girl you want to date is your new lab partner. After working on the project for a few days you build up a relationship, and ask her out; and, well, she says yes. People think that this is because you sent out an energy (like I said at the starting of the forum) that helped you gain this goal.
Others believe that it just gives you confidence to help you obtain your goal. I believe that both are true, but each one differs depending on the spell you cast.

-Does Magick Work?
If I'd have to say this answer in the shortest way possible, Yes.

Now here's the long answer, Magick can be really helpful and really useful. You can use it to change, or even create events in your life. (Or make friends with spirits, I don't know, make your house haunted for the rest of your life?)In a way, magick can do almost anything.
But, magick works better with practice; always practice. If you don't, you'll be like a candy; good in taste, but bad for your health.
Sometimes magick doesn't work the way you want it. For example, you wanted to get a new job, so you did a spell for it; then the results come in. Your ex-girlfriend -who happened to be living with 10 other people- say that you're allowed to live with her. The next offer is your sister, who is very annoying. So, now you think over, what did I do wrong? Well you didn't do anything wrong, it's just the universe is working on other events in time, and don't really have time to cope with your intentions.
Also, magick is not the only energy that causes things to happen.
There is Natural Laws (Like gravity), Social Pressures, Political powers, Money, and Other People's Will. This all can effect on your magick. Some times, magick doesn't work because you don't really want it to.

But this is just the basics of learning how magick works. But, it's really hard to actually find out how it may really work. This is just the closes we can get to it, and possible it's may be true.
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