Basics: Candle Magick

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Basics: Candle Magick
Post # 1
With the help of the book, "The Solitary Witch", I am going to explain the different candles, colors and their uses in magick.
Hopefully with this guide you can get a little insight on what kind of magick you want to excel in and what kind of candles to use for it.

Types of Candles:

-7-Knobbed candles
-Black Cat candle
-Devil Be Gone/Satan Candle
-Double Action candle/Reversing
-Ceremonial/Memorial Candle
-Fruit/Vegetable Image Candles
-Adam and Eve Image Candles
-Separation Candles
-Triple Action/ House Blessing Candles

7-Knobbed Candle

Colors for Releasing:
Green- Bound money or Property
Black- Someones hold on you
Red- Blocks to love
Yellow- Bad luck
Purple- Negative Magick
Blue- Confusion
Orange- Blocks to creativity

How to use: By burning one knob of the seven each day will release your desired intention (i.e. removing bad luck). You can use the two colors black and red in the same candle to undo and banish by starting with black and transitioning to red as the first knob burns.

Black Cat Candle

How to use: This candle is for two uses. By being in the shape of a black cat it will A. Bring good luck, or B. Bring the Assistance of Bast, the Egyptian goddess, who will bring protection to yourself, your property, or pets. Another name for Bast is Bastet.

Devil-Be-Gone/Satan Candle

How to use: The main purpose of this candle is to rid a person of evil influences as it burns. It will be in the shape or image of the devil.

Double Action/Reverse Candles

White and Black- To reverse a bad spell

Red and Black- Stopping destruction from a person

Green and Black- To protect your money or rid others from gossiping about you.

How to use: They always come in two colors. Either in a seven day pillar or a one-inch taper. Their purpose is to reverse an ill bearings upon yourself.

Ceremonial/Memorial Candles



How to use: It should be a pillar candle placed within a glass tumbler. It used to celebrate. Light the candle as dawn and let it burn for about 24-30 hours.

Adam and Eve Image Candles

How to use: This candle is used to draw people and things you want to know either to you or away from your being. Move the candles toward each other as they burn. They should come in the form of a man and a woman. Also can be used for healing.

Separation Candles

Red dipped in black

How to use: It is used to separate someone from you. Draw a snake from the top to the bottom to literally release them from you.

Skull Candles


Black: Banish evil and death

Green: Healing and obtaining fortune

Red: Bring forth a situation or push away negativity

How to use:
Variety of uses. Shaped like a skull head.

Triple Action/House Blessing Candles

How to use:
Should be a pillar candle within either three colors of red/white/blue or red/white/green glass. Used to stop any arguments within a house hold or bless the house.

I hope this information helped! Blessed be!
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Re: Basics: Candle Magick
Post # 2
I found this very helpful, thank you. I didn't see the descrition for the -Fruit/Vegetable Image Candles however.
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Re: Basics: Candle Magick
Post # 3
Thankyou for this. It helped.
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Re: Basics: Candle Magick
Post # 4
Here. Sorry about the missing information.

Fruit/Vegetation Image Candles

How to use- Agricultural shapes (i.e. apples, pears, corn) are burned down to bring food into a household.
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Re: Basics: Candle Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Pretty good info. Thanks for posting it. Blessed Be...
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