A Quandary On Aura

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A Quandary On Aura
Post # 1

I was speaking to a friend who is learning about aura, the chakras and the health changes experienced when these energies undergo complications and or flourishing cleanliness.

Among the usual chit-chat, she mentioned a interesting tidbit, that I would like to discus.

She said that when speaking to a person that is draining, because she must exert more energy when dealing with this person, she said it helps when she puts her feet together and fold her arms or clasp her hands.

" By doing this I close off my energy, helping me to notice changes to it more closely and keep myself calm in a situation; equally giving me the ability to put off the right kind of energy. " Said she.

Now, I am in the opinion that she puts her feet and arms/hands together for a different reason than closing off her aura. Since these mannerisms also portray simple gestures a human being will display when irritated or trying to appear proper.

Is it correct to think that she can close off her energy in this way?

And is the kind of energy expenditure true that she speaks of?

( I myself have a very limited knowledge of the auras. Knowing only the basics of its layers and colors; that it's health is affected by your emotions and food intake. )

Thank you for your help!

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Re: A Quandary On Aura
Post # 2
She is right, you can just fold your arms to stop drainage of energy but its very rude, at least where i live! One of my very good friend is basically a liar, always tired n complaining, but well i dont fold my arms i just asdume i have enough energy i can cover this loss within minutes :)

All you need is spending some alone time dancing or singing or gardening :)
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Re: A Quandary On Aura
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Your friend is correct on both counts.

Trying to interact with someone who accidentally or on purpose is pulling energy from you will cause you to use more energy during the interaction because you must account for both the normal energy flow of communication plus the extra energy that the person is pulling from you.

And her physical actions are reflective of closing off one's energy so that the other person cannot draw from you. Of course it takes more than just the physical motions to do that, but the physical actions do help.

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