I can't do anything

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I can't do anything
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

I feel so disconnected from magick, and myself as well.
I can't do tarot, I can't do spells, I can't do past life regressions or any guided meditaton. I can't focus on those things, I feel disconnected and while before I could just "feel" what I was doing, now it just doesn't happen. It's hard to explain, but basically while I was doing spells before, I could feel the intent working, and the energy building up, forming, but now it doesn't happen. When I would do tarot, I could kind of "feel" the question or wish, I just felt that I was getting the true answers, now I just feel like I'm throwing cards around, not doing anything in particular. When I would try to think of a past life, it of course would make me think of the memories, and it was all real and true, now it seems so distant. Actually, even memories of this life seem distant, like they never happened and I just am imagining. This could be some other issue, but it doesn't show in any other area of my life other than magick, so I was thinking that I could try to get help here. I just feel so disconnected, so far away from myself, like I have no energy to work with, and no power whatsoever.

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Re: I can't do anything
Post # 2
Has something in your life distracted you from your practice? Was there some sort of trauma recently?

I'd do a self cleansing and see how that worked out if I were you.
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Re: I can't do anything
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

No, nothing happened really. Everything is usual, maybe even less things happening than they usually do.

I will try that, thank you.

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Re: I can't do anything
Post # 4
All you can do is keep practicing. It will come back to you in time.
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