How To Cast A Spell

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How To Cast A Spell
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The state: It is said by many that you need to be in the right state of mind and body to cast a spell. Here are a few things to help you get in the right state of mind.

Walking in nature
Tai chi

You also might want to anoint yourself with some oils.

Purification of space: you need to be in a nice quiet relaxing eviroment. You could be in a sacred space if you like. When do so here are a few things that will help when casting your spells

Close curtains
Lock doors
Ask your parents/guardian to give you some quiet time.
Turn your phone off!

Make sure its a place where you will not get distracted one bit. Clean up the room physical. Sweep away anything that dirty, mop the floor and so on...

Now you can purify the room spiritualy, its very important to visualise the ngative energy vanishing, other banishing.

Casting a circle: You need to know how much space you want for the circle. Just before I share a method gather all of your tools herbs, crystals,stones, etc with you so when you have casted your circle you don't go ' oh I forgot my tools. So prepare yourself physically and mentally.

Method: here is a really simple method, grab your wand, ateme, pencil, pen, ruler, stick, your index finger, whatever you're using and visualise pure white light coming out forming into a circle, feel it, feel the love and light, do it slowly.

Calling the divine: you can feel free to call upon spirits but really it depens on the spell you're casting. You must all think why would a spirit help with a spell? What would the spirit benefit from it? Etc...

The moon phase: moon phases are really important when casting spells because for some spells you have to meet a certain requirement. Diffrent spells work better with diffrent moon phases.

Visualiseation: this is what raises your energy for the spell! It is the intent, your desire. Without this a spell is worthless! You need to be able to visualise your spell working! Know what you want to happen. Put ll of your emotions into! Make it come from your heart! You 'know' your spell is going to work. Chanting or rhyming is good aswell.

Belief: this is very hard for some people to believe. What I do is learn how magick works, that build my belief up. Practice the basics before attemtping to cast a spell.

Saying thankyou: if you did invite the divine to help you, please say thankyou after you have casted the spell.

Closing the circle: this is really basic, all you have to do is visualise the energy where it came from.

Meditation: helps clear the mind when meditating.

Grounding: gets rid of excess energy. And the earth gives back neutral energy.

Centering: centering yourself to the universe.

Thankyou for your time.
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