Fire and Ice

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Fire and Ice
Post # 1
Hello there so I had a question, I'm 13 years old and my parents don't let me use fire and stuff like that but I'm covered for canldleds and replaced them with electric candles but I can't do petitions :( so my family has a stash of dry ice that we get a lot of for Holloween parties and they let me use it, and I REALLY love the effect of fog that you can get from smoke/mist/steam/dry ice ect. So my question is can I use dry ice for petitions somehow like maybe put something in the bottom of my cauldron (dry ice and metal make a really screechy noise) drop the dry ice in, put in my petition and pour some water or a potion/essential oil relaiting to my wish on it and then it dose the cool foggy stuff from my cauldron and my spell will work as I put energy into it? I hope it works :( please reply
Blessed Be )O(
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Re: Fire and Ice
Post # 2
If you believe it will then it will, Cant dry ice burn you badly?
I am surprised that your parents let you use that stuff.
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Re: Fire and Ice
By: / Novice
Post # 3
yes it can because of how cold it is. i'm also surprised your parents are ok with this.

i've been told petitions are written on paper, but whatever you feel connects you better, and works for you, it should be fine. just keep in mind you don't become a witch or cast spells because it's cool. i know many who do, but there's more to it than that, so if you're using the dry ice because it puts you in a more magickal and relaxed state, or you feel a connection to water/air so you use it, then go for it. if you're using it because you've seem movies where witches stand over bubbling cauldrons as mist cascades out, you should rethink your motives. either way, just be careful with the dry ice not to hurt yourself.
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Re: Fire and Ice
Post # 4
Ok thank you guys and I'm not doing it because of the styriotypical witch in movies and books it just relaxes me when I see that sort of effect from smoke/mist/fog ect. And i know it can burn but if i wear gloves than its fine as long as it dosent touch my skin.
And I know a lot of people are here because they think magick is just a "cool" thing but it's not with me I find it to be a spiritual religion, and a science. Thank you again soooo much :)
Blessed Be )O(
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