Tarot Guide For Beginners

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Tarot Guide For Beginners
Post # 1
Hello everyone, This is tarot thread for beginners. I really hope you enjoy it. Please comment below if it helped you.

Your Tarot Deck: First of all, you need a Tarot Deck. You should of knew that by now. If you don't have one you could simply go to your local book store and pick a deck up. Please make sure you buy a Deck you feel most drawn to. The better the connection the deck the better you will be at reading the cards. If your book store doesn't sell Tarot Decks I would say you go to a New Age shop locally. I started off with Rider Waite Tarot Deck because they are mainly for beginners who are starting out with Tarot.

Also, I forgot to mention, buy a bag to keep your Tarot Deck in to keep them safe.

Basically am doing this thread so you get the basic idea of how tarot cards work and how to use the cards on yourself and others, close friends, family, animals etc. Once you get the hang of it you will start to enjoy it. If you are willing to put effort into it and not give up then you should be fine.

Getting To Know Your Cards: So, Open your tarot deck, start to use your senses, how do you feel? Do you feel connected?, can you sense the energy within the cards?. Once you have done that all I want you to do is to start shuffling the cards, and when you're ready place out three cards out the deck in front of you. Look at the cards and......

? what do you see?
? what do you feel?
? what scene does it look like?
? whatare your thoughts saying?
? whatdoes this card mean?

Answer all of them questions, you can do that on all the cards, but you don't have to. Its a way to get to know the cards. It's a very simple way to develop your intuition. Once you have done that, go to your tarot book and look at the card meanings and see how accurate you was. If you find that you was not accurate enough don't worry try again. Its not going to work on your first time. You just need to make a connection with the cards.

Meditation: here is another little simple exercise, grab one card and relax, meditate on it and see what happens, you can get a better result at this exercise than the one above. You can build a good connection with the cards by meditation as well. Its a very effective practice.

Your Problems: Here is another simple exercise you could try, first of all, all you want to do is picture a problem you have had in your life, love, money, family, etc... While you are shuffling your cards keep the picture in mind, when you're ready feel free to lay down only one card. Use the first exercise to help you with this, see if the card connects to your problem. It might not work on the first go but keep trying. Practice makes perfect.

If you can not visualise your problem then you could say it with your thoughts and see what card you lay down.

All am doing is giving you very easy exercises for you to do since you're a beginner.

Past And Present: right, get your cards and think of something you did in a past a happy memory a sad memory etc... Once you have done that shuffle the cards, feel like you have went back to the past and when you're ready lay down one card and see it has any meaning to what happened in your past. Do this for your present as well.

Your personal use: I would say that you would have to keep them close to you where-ever you go because you don't want anyone else touching them and connecting to them do you? I would say using a box, silk or velvet bag, anything, even in your drawer. You just need somewhere where you can pop them so you can use them whenever you want. I always sleep with mine under my pillow because I believe it builds a really better connection, you might not think so but I do.

Intuition: your intuition plays a really good role when it comes to tarot cards. You can use your intuition to get a more deeper meaning of what the cards mean, you can ask a question and your intuition will give you that extra guidance when using the cards.
Spirit guides can use your intuition to give you some extra guidance when doing tarot readings. Many people invite there guides when doing a reading on someone.

I will be making another thread soon explaining more. But for now enjoy
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Re: Tarot Guide For Beginners
Post # 2
Yes this did help me but I'm getting hung up on the moon card, can you give me some clarity about when this card is lain in the position how a person feels about you? I understand that it's about illusions but I'm confused about weather or not it's saying that the person has illusions about you or if they are miss leading you about how they feel. I'm sorry I'm very new at this any help u could offer would be much appricated. This card shows up repeatedly and I feel teased by it lol.
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