Am I hexed/cursed?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Am I hexed/cursed?

Am I hexed/cursed?
Post # 1
I am trying to figure out if current events of my life are the cause of magic or just an extreme case of bad luck. I have never had the best of luck, but when I really needed something that always happened. Everything this year has happened so fast and it has been really big, fast, obvious changes for no real reason. It seems unnatural to me and I have used all the normal courses of action people use with no answers, so here I am wondering if it can be explained here. The magic may or may not be directly placed on me, again, if this is what is truly happening then I need to figure out which of us the spell is on so it can be removed and see what happens from there. It really appears that this is what is happening but I need the help of one who knows more then me. I can not afford much because of current circumstances so all I am looking for is some simple answers, perhaps a tarot reading or the like.
The entire year has been bad, but back in march my wife of 18 years asked for a divorce out of the blue, in april she informed me she had fallen in love with someone else. Now, with that being said there are also four children involved, and two of which feel she has completely abandoned them, and only yells at them now. This of course is the short version, but I only ever did what I had to to provide for my family, and that did mean working a lot, being home little. This however was due to being the sole provider for most of 16 years, I had no other choice.
I am hoping perhaps there is a kind soul out there that would be willing to speak with me or direct me to someone who could put me on the right path toward answers.

Thank you,

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Re: Am I hexed/cursed?
Post # 2
Perhaps you answered it well on your own. Sometimes just working to provide and being absent isn't enough. I don't mean to tell you how you should live your life, but being not present in the life of your wife and children can do more harm than a hex.

Sometimes a sudden change happens because you spiritually need to observe the life that you are living. To warn you that something or everything that you do just isn't the right thing for you at this new time in your life. Sometimes, plowing through life blindly, doing the same things over and over, triggers the higher self to induce a series of situations that might change your life and warn you that something you do isn't good or enough.

So, I wouldn't look for dark magick right away. Who would hex you or your wife? Do you have any contact with people that might? What other symptoms are you experiencing? What else is happening in your life?
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