New Age and Old Age

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New Age and Old Age
Post # 1
A question that is bugging me and I must get it off my chest for all to answer. What Is the differences between the two? I've heard bits and pieces, though still am gathering more information. This is highly subjective no matter what way you look at it so I do wish for opinions and information to back up your opinions and reasoning. Before you reply I ask that you are mature and are not to take anything here personally for it is highly opinionated and subjective. I also ask for this to be a civil discussion and no disrespect to one another. Thank you. Zalkari
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Re: New Age and Old Age
Post # 2

It's pretty cut an dry. I assume you're referring to Paganism.

Well to begin with "Old Age" just means older religions and more traditional practices that associate with them.
"New Age" is formed by much younger adaptations with a bit more flexibility.
Wicca and ecclectic belief systems are considered "New Age" by most standards, Shamanism and Druidry are normally considered what you called "Old Age".

I'd say there are more "Old Age" practices than "New Age". I say this because "New Age" practices tend to kind of mush together and blur the lines between religion or doctrine specific styles and habits while older practices will usually resemble each other in many ways but by all means have their own titles, formations, names, and all around what they call things. It's like the difference between Graeco Paganism vs. Roman Paganism and Wicca vs. Ecclectic Wicca.

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Re: New Age and Old Age
Post # 3

I apologise for the double post but beyond Paganism your older and newer practices haven't really changed except for practicality and personal adaptations. You have Higher Magic, which is obscure in itself like Chaos magic. While one being established earlier they're both fairly stand-alone and aren't necessarily religious. There's also VooDoo, Hoodoo, and VoDou which are very well-round and rather rigid in my opinion but relate immensely to one another's origins.

As a side note I just thought of you can identify new age or newer adaptations by the prefix "neo". These are usually practices that involve more personalized characteristics and a bit less tradition even for some new age. Again I use Wicca, it's a new age lifestyle and religion but has traditions (quickly becoming "old age" in its own right) so you'll see "ecclectic" or "neo-" Wicca which means applies what I defined.

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Re: New Age and Old Age
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
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