Preternatural Existance

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Preternatural Existance
By: / Novice
Post # 1

So i thought i might aswell do another post since i've been doing alot of research lately and havent contributed much to the site lately.

I'll be discussing my theory on Preternatural existance.

For a long while , i've been dabbling into the unknown , searching endlessly. Every answer a billion more questions. Through this journey , i've dealt with the denizens of worlds unseen , so foreign , yet at the same time familiar. This is the story of my ventures into the nature of those places and my thoughts.

We hear the words Astral , Ethereal , Underworld , Heaven , Lower worlds , Higher worlds so often be it in books , in chat , in videos , anywhere in life. Yet we limit our knowledge on them so much , just because someone tells us there's nothing more to learn about them , that things are as they are. But no , the truth is equal to ours , there's limitless knowledge in each of them , yet its different from the knowledge we have here. Nature isnt single , its multiple and infinite , preternatural (beside nature) tells us that there can be many "natures" each by each other , each different with its own rules and own secrets. We live in worlds of many colours , but just like light which gives us those colours , there's something to the left and to the right of the spectrum that we cant feel in each of those other worlds , their natures , just like we dont experience it in ours , but we learned how to using other means in our world.

The Corporeal and Ethereal planes , twins. Insepperable always there , always affecting each other , similar , but different. , yet always in tandem to each other. We live in the Corporeal plane (Physical plane) , while our subtle body lives in the Ethereal plane (Energy plane) constantly reflecting and affecting each other. Similar but different. One can tap into either , to peer into the darkness and emerge into the light. To find that we are there always , yet we dont always look. We have a physical and subtle body , but so do the things we think of as incorporeal (immaterial) , you look at a tree you'll see a spirit , you look at a patch of land you'll see a spirit. Both we and they have a tangible form , yet we live in opposite predominances (We are predominant in the physical plane , while they are predominant in the energy plane). Like when two people , one loves science , the other magick. Each is better adapted and spends more time in their own world , but can still affect the other and enter it in some way , through some means.

Energy and Matter , we know them very well. But have you ever thought , if our world has a twin , one side. Why wouldnt there be a twin to the Astral plane , or Lower or Higher world in some other plane of existance. The nature behind our subtle body which we use to travel to these worlds only lets us see one side. At that time our senses are transcended into something else , we use our old senses to percieve a world with a completely different nature , which can sometimes cause distorted or abnormal views and concepts. So if we impose on the energy twin , there's a material twin on the other side. We'd be spirits to the spirits and material beings found in that pair of worlds. We'd feel unnatural to them and foreign , often carrying knowledge which the other side percieves as impossible or ingenious , because their nature is different. Which happens with us when it comes to guides and entities of other realms. Which can vice versa use our ethereal plane to affect our world. They seem foreign , mysterious and different from other entities.

So , this concludes my Thesis on Preternatural existance , i hope you enjoyed it.

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Re: Preternatural Existance
Post # 2
Sillieh, what an excellent post.
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Re: Preternatural Existance
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Thanks mediumship.

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Re: Preternatural Existance
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I've considered this possibility as well, but I'm not certain that if a spirit exists it need have a physical body. Indeed, I think this is part of the "Higher" aspect of the higher planes and higher spirits, and some part of what confuses, confounds, and leaves lower spirits typically confused and listless.

All a spirit requires to exist is a sense of self to hold it together. A physical body is not requisite to this, so consciousness, and thus the spirit, can linger on after the physical body ends and otherwise evolve, or potentially be born of something else entirely.
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Re: Preternatural Existance
By: / Novice
Post # 5

No , i didnt mean that spirits require a physical body. I said that every spirit which resides in the Ethereal plane constantly has some sort of tangible presence , be it an object/a plant/a patch of land , ect. While the entities from higher/lower planes of existance which journey to our world do not have a tangible presence in our plane , that the main difference between entities of higher/lower planes and our energy plane is that the spirits of our energy plane are more adapted to interact with our physical plane because they have some sort of tanigibility in both the Corporeal and Ethereal plane. While even when it comes to human/animal spirits and the spirit lingering on after death , death doesent mean our tangible presence is destroyed , just that it changed its form and our spirits (this now transcends more into a religious view) are more free to roam , since the physical side is now not as demanding (this is an opinion based view now).

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Re: Preternatural Existance
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Ah, forgive me. I misunderstood what you had meant.
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