Peace Be With You

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Peace Be With You
Post # 1
Hello all, I'm new to this site. I know some, have performed rituals and such but I would love to learn more from more experienced practitioners. I've always been more psychically in tuned than anything else. Ever since I can remember I've been able to see and talk to spirits of the dead, especially children. I would also love to be able to get better at doing this. If anyone has any comments, they are greatly appreciated.

Peace Be With You
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Re: Peace Be With You
Post # 2
Hello Rayne welcome to the site! there are a lot of experienced people on this site who don't have a title of reputation at all just keep that in mind. I can always see spirits, hear, feel, and sense them the best way to get best that that ability is to meditate and concentrate on that subject. Helped me a lot and remember if you know that they are right next to you, you can just talk to them out loud they can hear you. Best way I communicate is through my dreams before I go to sleep if I know there is a spirit there that wants to get something across I say to them to tell me in my dreams and make at least something stand out so I know that they are there giving me information and not just a regular dream. Depending on the spirit you'll get some crazy experience through this and it's important to write them down once you wake up and write everything you saw in your dream since everything is important even how you felt during different situations in your dream.
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Re: Peace Be With You
Post # 3

Welcome and peace be with you. :)

My only advice is take it in steps, don't try to flood your senses with too much practice. Go to a place that is calm, quiet, and serene and attempt contact. When you're first starting to develop your ability to sense the spiritual places like hospitals and graveyards are tempting but can become overwhelming as they tend to carry a lot of suffering, excitement, and many other mixed emotions from many varying spirits.

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Re: Peace Be With You
Post # 4
There are also many crystals in which you can use to amplify your psychic awareness. Amethyst and Quartz are two that you can use. Also as far as increasing your awareness try meditating using a picture or an object and see what you can pick up from it. There's no right and wrong in the matter, remember that. Also be careful when contacting the dead. You need some form of protection when doing so. There are two things that I like to do in order to prepare myself for negative energies. The first is that I imagine a veil of light washing over my body, and the other is that I draw a circle, either with my mind or literally, around myself. You can use duck tape if you need to do it physically. The reason I do this is sometimes I need a physical representation for the spiritual energy that is already there. Lastly, be careful who you talk to. I've been lied to many times by the dead, and each time I've had to confront them. It can be mentally dangerous so please please please be prepared when doing these things.

Blessed be and Good luck!
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