The Ancient Tarot

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The Ancient Tarot
Post # 1
Get your Tarot and just look at them, look at the design, feel the cards. These cards have so much colour and so detail, but it all depends on the cards. If you search the internet(google images is good), many of them will be diffrent designs, you might even find a old sort of tarot cards. Tarot cards share a common history with playing cards and the designs are ultimately a reflection of the culture they stem from. Tarot have always had more of a spiritual context and it is perhaps this which has caused them to retain their more complex designs while playing cards have become a little more ordinary.

You can see many decks for sale on the internet, but I recommend going to a shop to choose your own. The feel of the deck you choose is the first vital step, you need to feel connected, I believe the more you're connected to them the better you give your readings. Decks are widely available from toy and book shops, your libary etc.., or you could simply go to a new age shop if they have one nearby.

Careing for your cards is very important(for me I keep mine in my cabnet) some people recommend rapping them in silk or velvet or even storing them someone where no one could find them, jewellery box, etc.

The idea is being close to your tarot cards when your are using them you should cleanse and recharge them with your energies. Don't let anyone else tuch them. Its important that only you handly your tarot deck, you should gently shuffle the cards and let the person ask the question and call stop then the person with the tarot cards will stop shuffling, you should lay the cards infront of you, not on the floor, not on your bed etc, starting with the top card on the deck.

That's it for now.
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Re: The Ancient Tarot
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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