What To Believe?

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What To Believe?
Post # 1
Reading through the forums brought an interesting question to mind. What belief flows freely with the many subjects of Magic. That is which one agrees with it 100%.

I've the read the article about some of the various beliefs' associated with magic such as Pagan, Wiccan, Neo-druids, and Witch.
I know for sure I believe in the energies of the universe,spirits, and even chakras. I believe in witchcraft and that it can influence things with in our control.
This includes higher forms of consciousness, but I begin feeling blocked when it comes time to try and accept the idea that there may be God's or Goddesses.
This is where I begin feeling lost and no matter what I can't get past this. Help would be incredibly welcomed, just from reading the forums I can tell there is a lot of different beliefs and view points please share yours I'm open to ideas.

Please comment, share your Ideas, thoughts and beliefs on this.

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Re: What To Believe?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
You're talking about spiritual beliefs and magic.

Magic is action. Deities are part of spiritual belief.
You absolutely do not need both in your world view.

If the idea of God's and Goddess's doesn't feel right to you, then it's not right for you. You can still work magic without that belief.
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Re: What To Believe?
Post # 3
How can I bypass various rituals that or spells that calls to call on Gods.
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Re: What To Believe?
Post # 4
Write your own spells and rituals, or modify already existing ones to suit you better.
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Re: What To Believe?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
well magick is something anyone can do and doesn't require a deity. you're connecting with natural energy and focusing it in a direction to create subtle changes in your life. many spells call to certain deities, but that's in the writing, just omit them or change it to a different deity you believe in and it'll work the same. granted some spells work better for certain people than others depending on their likes. for example, all my spells have cinnamon int hem because i work best with that spice. some people might despise it, so they can't connect, therefore a spell that might work wonders for me, would fail for them. personalize everything to you.

Paganism is a very personal religion, not many people share the same beliefs, but generally speaking most people i talk to do believe in the threefold law to some degree, or basically 'you reap what you sew'. to what extent it's different for everyone. some people believe the universe will keep things in balance, others [like myself] feel sometimes you should take matters into your own hands. [please note i feel if someone did deserve a karmic slap and you chose to dish it out, you should take some time to reflect instead of instantly condemning them.]
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Re: What To Believe?
Post # 6

I've used the three fold law a couple of different times. Mainly on various charms, some binding. I've been writing down all the spells that Intrest me, they are always so diffrent nature, espically with the many diffrent beliefs and religions that use magic. I prefer the meditated spells that draw energy from everything and put it into an idea, object or goal.

There are few spells that I have actually done, for the whole belief factor. Ive always tried to keep an open mind, I can on the few successes feel the energies, at that point is where belief starts blocking me. I lose all the energy and feelings I have running through my body, all of that which I had building for that one cruicial moment is just gone.

So do I just lose that belief at that moment, is it still with me, or is it the factor of belief thats holding me back.

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