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In need of Info
Post # 1
This is for the more experienced people here i need help with im seeking knowledge. The knowledge im seeking is Does anyone know of a Demon King and not just any demon one that was strong enough to claim the right to rule over all other demon lords and king. And then as well to break a very strong seal a seal that was placed on me by another that she used her life force to make.
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Re: In need of Info
Post # 2
Not to be Christian :p here( which I am) but wiccans believe in a great horned one. It goes alongside a goddess of a name I can't remember but it's one of the most important gods. It can be interpreted as a demon like character but nothing gives it inherently evil characteristics.
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Re: In need of Info
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Umm, no Planar. The Horned God of Wicca has absolutely NO relationship to demons.

This is a good description of what the Wiccan Horned God really is: " The Horned God is the primal, active force within all things, a wild man unfettered by civilization and driven by primal instincts. He is the Lord of the Forest and of animals. He is both hunter and hunted - he who slays so others can live, and he who dies to nourish others in the natural cycle. He rules the season of winter, when the earth is dead and primitive people had to survive by hunting instead of gathering or farming. He represents male sexuality, as the phallic nature of his horns suggest, virility, and strength ."

While some Christians may equate him with the Devil, I think it would be wrong because of this to lead people to believe that the Horned God has anything to do with Satan or with demons.

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Re: In need of Info
Post # 4
Come on, I said that he doesn't embody evil unless that's how you think of him.
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Re: In need of Info
Post # 5

Lark does anyone know the horned gods name?

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