Hi guys! Newb here :P

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Forums -> Introduce Yourself -> Hi guys! Newb here :P

Hi guys! Newb here :P
Post # 1
Hi guys! My name is Miguel and I am new to this site, and everything there is about magick as well. My interest in magick and witchcraft and that sort of stuff really grew on me, since one day from having normal, human being problems I was hit with more problems, more like supernatural problems lol. I got through them but that just really sparked my interest. If you'd like to know more about me just send me a PM and we'll gladly talk! I also have a few questions to ask! Hopefully with practice my magickal powers will grow with the help of this site :)
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Re: Hi guys! Newb here :P
Post # 2

Welcome to SoM,

Well first I would read more about magic and the craft. Then I would learn how to successfully meditate or somewhat (meditation helps with focus, and much more). You can view the basics in "Newbie Central" which is located on the "Home" page. Then I would suggest reading more about this site, to understand it more on "Survival Guide" which is located on the "Articles" page.


Okay, many people come to this site to also create a coven, I am sorry but Petrarca has taken that off for a while, there are a lot of covens, and there are a couple of inactive covens (but remember you can not Apply to take over one unless you have been on here for at least 3 months.) even if you apply for a coven doesn't necessarily mean you will become Priest(ess) Petrarca is the one who chooses the priest(ess) for the inactive covens. You have to prove yourself around the forums for him to concider you.

Spell Casters: This coven was created without a Priest(ess) . You can apply for a this coven and will be accepted automatically and be placed as "Council" (remember councils are able to post spells and articles.). Most of the other covens will start you out as "Members" and you will have to prove yourself in the forums. Most other covens will ask you to fill out a message to the Priest (ess) with information, the information will be found on the covens page. FILL OUT HONESTLY .

The fortune teller on the "Fortunes" tab, she is a computer automated person, she is for Entertainment purposes only .

Video's: If you want post videos on this site, you will have to post them on Youtube first and then place the link when they ask for the Youtube link. The moderators will concider if it will go on.

FAQS: The "FAQS" tab hold already answered question they think you will ask, check their if you have a question about somethings.

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