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SpellCasting Guide
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this thread is going to be nice and simple on how to write your very own spell. Here we go.

Your intention: you will need to state your intention on what you want the spell to do for you? Stating no intention won't give you a result will it? Before you do a spell I advise you to intend your spell working. Its like before any meditation many peopele set an intention of what they want to happen within the meditation. Intention is basically one of the main things you need yo do when it comes to spell casting. I would say you need to be good at visualisation for your spell to work. Visualising your spell working would give you a head start.

Timeing Your spell: Timing your spell is very important. The moon is important when it comes to casting spells when the moon is full at a certain 'time' that would be a good time to cast. Timing your spell on a fullmoon is very good because the moon will end up just adding extra energy to your spell so its more effective. Many people choose diffrent moon phases but I would advise the full moon because that's when your spell will be at strongest.

Nature with the seasons: the seaons is very important for spell casting aswell because there are certain times where you can plant some seeds for a certain spell. Certain ingeidiants, herbs, etc.

your tools: make sure you've got all the tools you need, for my I don't use tools for spellcasting becaise indeed the best tool is yourself. I only use tools for rituals. In my opinion obviously your tools must not have an inherent magick. I suggest you cleanse and bless your tools before spell casting (consecrate).

Understanding Magick: remember all spell casting is just manipulating energy. A thought is form of energy, you probably already know this but ohwell. Visualiseation Is very important. Because when your visulising your intent your are directing the energy when you are casting it so that's why I said earlier that you need to visualise it nice and clear. You must know what you from the spell as I said earlier. Feel it. Put your emotions into the spell. See the spell working and most importantly you must believe its going to work.

Spoken words: for writing your words for you spell you might want to write it in a rhyme a poem or simple a couple of lines. These words means so much to the spell. Chants are also good because it raises your energy for the spell.

Hope you liked it.

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