uncrossing spell

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uncrossing spell
Post # 1
Hi everyone,
Would you have any idea how to do an uncrossing spell for someone else? I feel there was a spell casted on my ex that made him choose not to be with me.
There is still love as we cannot stop seeing each other. There were also some people who think the same way --- that a spell was casted on him. He ended our relationship very suddenly after 2 weeks of seeing his child -- showing some unexplainable fear of losing everything he has --- so different from the person I have known who was willing to face the future with plans for the both of us.
Now, we are almost back to the point of how it used to be for us --- only this time, no confirmation of commitment, no future plans. Something is holding him back.
I feel the negative energy in his room as well. I used to sleep there with a sense of peace. But now, it is so unexplainable that I do not feel rested when I am in his room and feel this negative energy. That is why I am feeling also that a spell has been casted on him.
Can anyone please help me with how to banish the negative energy around us and to banish the spell that might have been casted on him that makes him afraid of having that future with me?
I welcome any suggestion...please...
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Re: uncrossing spell
Post # 2
I had success with this one you could try it? I burn white sage incense when doing banishment or cleansing spells.
(Chant this 3 times while turning counter clockwise)
"Mother earth, I call to thee. Banish negativity from this place, energy spent for darkness and bane, GO BACK FROM WHENCE YOU CAME! Far away I send you this hour, may all attempts to harm, turn sour"
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Re: uncrossing spell
Post # 3
Thank you Summermoon...
I will try that...
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Re: uncrossing spell
Post # 4
i actually saw a spell caster, was going to get my ex back for me, told me that his spitits say he cannot come back to me, all the bad spells and attachments that a woman casted on him need to be removed, he said he feels me and hears me but when he thinks of me this spell causes him to distract himself away from those thoughts, another woman wants him and this is why it happened, told me i need to feed the spitris foxes.
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