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Start reading tarot
Post # 1
I start practicing reading playing cards for tarot. I didn't think I would like it. But I have a strong connection with the cards. I been at it for two days. How long do you practice reading the cards on yourself until you feel you get an good reading? Can you change the future of the cards? I watch a guy on YouTube, who mention you cannot change your destiny. I don't believe that. How many times a day should you read your own cards?
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Re: Start reading tarot
Post # 2
Well honestly, you cant do it for yourself

But if you want to do, not more than one reading a week

My story, i can read for everyone and so many have told me i am accurate, i like it
But when i pick my own cards they make no sense!

Your best bet is asking your dad or bro or best friend read them for you, but you wouldnt like them to be touched by anyone else!
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Re: Start reading tarot
Post # 3
When I did my reading I could not understand any of them. You right.
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Re: Start reading tarot
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
You can read for yourself so that is possible and also remember that your future is not set in stone. It constantly changes every time you make a decision.

I like to read my cards everyday more like one card a day when it comes to me to see what would go on as well see if it matches the card. That's how I got good on my tarot readings.
Now for getting good on doing readings in my opinion I throw away the LWB and just listen to my intuition as well what emotion is the painting making me feel, what are the images doing, etc.
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Re: Start reading tarot
Post # 5
Reading for yourself is actually a really good practice technique, as well as a chance to take some time to address issues within your own life. I try to spend at least once a week with reading for myself, and I journal my experiences. That way, I can keep track of my development with the deck, further my understanding of each of the cards, and it's also pretty therapeutic.

Honestly, I don't think that the future is something that is concrete or inescapable. I believe that everyone is destined for some greater purpose of sorts, but whether or not they answer that calling and/or fulfill that's up to them and their life choices.

I wouldn't recommend doing too many readings for yourself, since that can make you dependent on the cards and you could end up putting too much stock in the outcome of your readings; I've known a lot of people who put more faith in their spreads than in their own common sense :P But if it's to keep in practice, and to get more familiar with your deck, just do whatever feels natural for you :)
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