Vision - I like opinions

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Vision - I like opinions
Post # 1
Hello everyone :) well, i hope i put this in the right section, if not, sorry guys o: better luck next time.

I have death-warning, so I know when someone will die before it happens.
Sometimes I hear a voice that tells me, or I get visions or premonition dreams.

This was a vision :

A guy who robbed a bank before in texas robs a wells fargo bank across my street, he plans that no one gets hurt, all he wants is money basically. but, as he runs out, he runs into someone, gets scared and shoots him.
That person slowly bleeds to death.
yet,that person (whom i know) has done great harm onto many.
and then I am unsure whether the robber gets caught or not.
ill try to provide as much info as i can
i dont know their exact ages, but the robber may be in his 30's, while the man shot was in his early to mid 40's
the robber was black, and the guy shot was mexican

but, thats all i know
anyone? share your opinion? everyone reads differently (through words, pictures, etc.) so, if you can read this- tell me what you think you see? even if you are not sure.
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Re: Vision - I like opinions
Post # 2
The only person who can interpret your dream is yourself since you are the one that has the connection to the images but I can try to help you. How did you feel during the dream and what caused you to feel that way (explain each emotion you felt during different situations). And when you woke up from the dream I need to know how you felt. I need you to think hard and focus on the dream and try to relief it and tell me the items or backgrounds of the dream that have an effect to you or you have a connection to (meaning). Also try to detail the dream more because the meaning of the dream can change extremely if the little things you didn't notice weren't there and your un conscience created the images you remember the most to cover the surface underneath that your un-conscience mind feels your conscience mind is not ready to handle. Or this can be a vision which I believe it might be. Can you tell me about the voice you hear and the feeling you get when you have these dreams like if someone or something is giving you them.
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