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Covens Info.
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Many of the new members want to join a coven right away (which you should research more on the site and the religions before making coven choices.) but when you do look for a coven you should know that some of the coven will want you to place information on your profile and also send in a message to either the Priest or Priestess or both. Asking about your age, magick experience, how long you've been into the craft, and what are your intentions. Most covens are like that. If you go onto the "Groups tab" you will see a coven that is in first; That would be the "Spell Casters" coven, when applying your do not need any information, because they automatically accept and place you into council (which allows you to post spells and articles for the coven.) Remember this coven is not runned by a Priest or Priestess, and is a coven were random facts and random things happen. Remember not to try to act like a priest or priestess in the coven (meaning no trying to take order upon yourself.).

Some people also come onto this site and want to either take over or create a coven. Well to take over a coven you must be at least 3 months old on this site, not even then are you really 100% able to rule that coven, you can apply on the day of the third month but doesn't mean you'll get it. This is because probably 100 other members apply for the coven, and Petrarca is the guy who chooses for the inactive covens, You must prove to him that you are capable of leading a coven (this means in the forums), you can't harass him, otherwise you will be gagged. If he sees you are a good choice he will accept your application.

As for the "create a new coven" Petrarca has taken that option off, this is because there are plenty of good covens, and a couple of inactive ones. There is no need for more, but in one point in time he might reactivate the "Coven Create" feature.

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