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This has been done sense magick was figured out. Energy is the key to all great power. Healing saves and helps people. So many people stumble upon this site looking for ways to heal. The first thing you should know, is that you can't heal the dead, once their soul has left the earth you can't bring it back. You can though if the soul hasn't left. If the person is old, you can't bring back. There are so many ways to heal. I will post a few of the ways and discribe them as best as I can;

  • Tarot: Tarot cards as you may call them are great tools to use for telling ones prophicy or future; they are also great healers as well, Throughout ages Tarot users have found new ways to use the cards. Here is a link that will help you understand Tarot Card Healing (
  • rune: Runes are powerful symbols each one caries its own power, the one that we are focusing on is the Erda Rune, this rune can heal and also be used for magickal uses. Find more about it on the ( link.
  • psychic: This is really a interesting way of healing, by doing this you pass on knowlege through stages of life. It's like being born you mother passes knowledge to you and you learn how to become a young adult. This healing excersise is really like passing information (
  • potions: So many people ask for potions to heal them, there are hundred of spell and potions to heal yourself or others. You got to search through them and find the ones that will work.
  • chi: "Chi" is Chinese for "Energy" to use "Chi or Energy" you must let your energy go from one section of your body to the wound or to another in order to do so you must have contact with that person (Most likely the wound).
  • chakra: Using the 7 point to heal your body each point has its own skill it's own meaning, but you can use those points to heal.
  • energy: Energy is all around us and inside us. We make energy "Possitive" or "Negitive". In order to heal us or someone else, you must bundle some of the energy up and move it onto your wound or anothers wound.

Well those are all I am going to post, I hope you found them somewhat helpful, and the links I posted I posted becuase I think you would like to learn more about them. Remember healing may not be a fast result but it is surely effective. Don't doubt yourself if you don't get it the first time, it will take a long time to heal. Just practice and find what works best for you..

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