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looking for guidance
Post # 1
Hello, i am a young man of 21 years of age. Ever since i was young i have had a strong connection with all and a strong sense of direction. It has now led me here. I have an uncontrolable urge to help all life in any way i can possible which has led me to situations were my energy flows so smoothly and intensely to a goal that i know, with better understanding i can accomplish great feats that can change the world for the better one piece at a time. I have roots in the aztec, irish, and bohemian lands which i feel have a great deal of insight into who i was and will become. I am looking for a soul to help be my guide and mentor into this journey i am taking. I see things others cannot, and have a foresight that has been unmatched by any i have encountered. I have gifts that i feel if i let go unnoticed could potentially harm if not controlled and understood. I ask for your help in unleashing my true self to this world in a manner which will be true to me. Please only help if you vibrate with my cause or have more insight to who i truely am. To all with love, thank you. Blessed be
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Re: looking for guidance
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
This world would be a much better place with more people like you. I, too, want to help and heal and love, its a great goal. I'm going to mail you some links, in case you are new to magick. Meanwhile, welcome to the world of those of us compelled to help and heal. Blessed Be...
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Re: looking for guidance
Post # 3

With your Aztec and Irish roots, I'd suggest "shamanism".

For your Bohemian (Bohemia FTW!), I'd suggest "Gypsy magic".

They work rather well together, actually.

~ Good Luck.

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Re: looking for guidance
Post # 4
Merry meet! It is nice to see another friendly and helpful person on here :)
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Re: looking for guidance
Post # 5
Welcome to this site.

As a previous member posted, I suggest the paths of shamanism and gypsy magick.

~ Never Lost
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