Weird dream?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Weird dream?

Weird dream?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

For almost a week I have been having the same dream over and over again: It is the Ancient Egypt, and I am wearing woman pharoh 's dresses/clothes however, the ones women pharaohs are wearing on paintings, statues etc. I am sitting on the throne, commanding with a male pharaoh by my right side, but I cannot see his face. Suddenly I feel this huge hate towards that male and will for more power, so I stand up and stab that male next to me in the heart. Next thing I know I am in this red room, with a few servants in there. The one young female servant kneels in front of me and offers me on a golden plate - an asp. I mechanically extend my hand towards it, and it bites me. It quickly starts paralyzing me so I cannot move, and I can feel pain rushing through my body, although it is a dream, and I am not supposed to feel a thing. It's not a huge pain, but it does hurt. As I am trying to move and scream for help, I can't do anything because I am paralyzed, so my lifeless body just falls back. Then I wake up all covered in sweat.

What does this mean? I appreciate all the suggestions and answers.

Thank you for reading.

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Re: Weird dream?
Post # 2
To me this shouts that you desire to control some aspect of your life yet feel paralyzed and or unable to control it
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Re: Weird dream?
Post # 3
That seems like a pretty intense dream...and you have been having it for a week now, you say? The fact that you were in ancient Egypt holds pretty significant meaning for a dream in general. During the periods they are most known for, they obtained massive amounts of wealthy; physically, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. The fact that you were the queen and beside you the pharaoh also holds great significance because that is the symbol for the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Based off the more detailed context of what you have described, it would appear that you may be at some sort of cross-way in your life and you are heading down the wrong road at the moment. Something that has happened, possibly being harmed some way by a male, seems to have made you have a deep distrust in the masculine energy of life and you also may be thinking you are able to succeed and obtain massive fortunes and power just based off the feminine energy, without the masculine. It shows if you take the path you are currently on, it will lead you to a false sense of happiness, where you are alone and possibly emotionally detached from the world around you, creating only shallow relationships with others but never let them get close enough to you for any real relationship to form.

There are two paths available for you now. One will lead you to wealth in all its forms while the other will lead you to a superficial sense of wealth and happiness. The path you are on right now is rejection of the masculine energies of life, believing you can do better without them and this will lead you to only a superficial sense of happiness. The other path is letting go of your hatred for the masculine energies of life and letting them integrate into you and become whole again, balancing and unifying both masculine and feminine energies into your being. This path will lead you to what you to truly seek.

However you want to interpret the dream, it defiantly is trying to signify a crossroads if your life. You are going down the wrong path and you are heading down a path that may seem better to you right now but it is deceiving you. This path will lead to your downfall. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something very important. The more intense a dream is, the more significance it has.
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Re: Weird dream?
Post # 4
The dream its self sounds very similar to an Egyptian story i have heard many times although its name eludes me.
As to the pain you feel I have had the same experience many times
with my dreams.
For the meaning... I have no clue.
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Re: Weird dream?
Post # 5
I am only guessing but,

I think your dream could maybe be linked to yor past life. Mate you were a pharaoh and you murdered your husband/partner. When you say you were paralyzed but you didn't feel too much pain, this could possibly mean that you were being punished for your wrong doings yet you did not feel guilty.
This could also link to your present too. Maybe in some ways you wish to control a situation but end up being punished instead?
Blessed be xx
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