Mind Reading Experiment

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Mind Reading Experiment
Post # 1
Long story short, a few weeks ago me and a friend were bored so I suggested we just clear our heads and let each other in and see if we can read each other's mind. After about 30 seconds we talk about it (he was at his home and I was at my home). I basically described his current physical situation (bedroom, color scheme, and his body position). And he saw/felt me and my ex. --- I took it as just coincidence and slightly amusing.

Tonight, we tried it again. This time I didnt pick up anything about him. However as I laid in bed and concentrated on him my body felt weird. Chest became light, area of the third eye became very heavy, and my legs became tingly. And I started to drift in and out (i was woke), but i felt lost and I saw something but cant remember wat it was. However the room i saw things in was foggy and misty.

Him on the other hand described him and a child version of me in a dark room. He's never seen pics of my childhood or anything and I dont talk about it. But he said I was leading him somewhere but I was scared and lost.

Now we are wanting to do it in person. I'm just curious does anyone have an experience like this? And if this is occurring when we arent near each other (different homes), would it become more accurate and stronger if we're physically closer? Or is this all a coincidence?
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Re: Mind Reading Experiment
Post # 2
It could be a coincidence, but me and my friend have also done a simular thing up close. Although we tested it a lot to see if it was really working, like I'd think of a number and she'd have to connect with me to see it. It worked enough times to convince us it was real, but it took some practice and what you're describing seems to work straight away, so I don't know. Sorry.
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