Third Eye Pressure

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Third Eye Pressure
Post # 1
For 5 months, I have been having these feelings on the middle of my forehead and sometimes they spread out to my whole forehead and even up to my nose. I have grown to it and the feelings still occur but what wonders me is that I can control the pressure. It is kind of like an on and off switch and sometimes it feels like the pressure is advancing which gives this feelings like my brain is vibrating at times. I have searched online about this and it says that it is a sign of my third eye opening but I don't think so since I really don't see anything out of the ordinary. However, I have gotten better at seeings people's and object's auras. I have only tried to seek answers for this twice, this time included, and the first time I tried it, another guy had the same experience as me. I really don't mind the pressure but I am curious about how this came to be.
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Re: Third Eye Pressure
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Before you decide that the pressure sensations have something to do with your Third Eye you should see a doctor to make certain there isn't something going on medically such as problems with your sinuses. Once you rule out mundane reasons then would be the time to look at esoteric ones.

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Re: Third Eye Pressure
Post # 3
@Lark, Thanks for the reply but is there any other way of knowing about if there is any disturbances in my medical health that are caused by these sensations since I really don't have access to a doctor seeing as how my family will react if I tell them about this. They certainly never and definitely won't believe in me and think it is just nothing. Sorry for complaining about my problems if it bothered you or anything.
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