Realisation Spell

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Realisation Spell
Post # 1
Hi, can I have your thoughts on the realisation spell? is it a revenge spell or is it just what the name says.. realisation spell.... i want to make someone REALISE the hurt and destruction they have/are causing, but I dont want any harm coming towards them, i just want them to realise what they have done and how much they have hurt us and the effects it is having on our lives.
will appreciate any advice, thanks
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Re: Realisation Spell
Post # 2

If the spell is as you say, to make someone realize the trouble they cause, it could be either a blessing or a curse spell, depending on how you choose to look at it.

As a blessing it could cause a complete change in the person when they see what others do about them. Now this is only a blessing if they are completely oblivious to what they are doing and how they are precieved. If they are not, and they feel justified in their actions or at least have rationalized them to a point that they are okay with what they have done, than this could come as a curse to them. It would depend greatly on what the person has done. Not all acts that you see as bad are seen that way by others. If you do not know the story of this person's life it may be best not to cast such a spell on them as it could cause some serious problems

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Re: Realisation Spell
Post # 3

its my father... i know you may think it strange, but we have given up 10 years of our lives to care fr him after my mother died, 6 months ago he found a new woman, nothing wrong in that... he suddenly announced that he was going to move in with this woman (with a few weeks notice) this virtually leave us without secure housing as i said previousley, we gave up 10 years of our lives to make sure he was never lonely etc, so lived in the same house... he has decided to up and leave with just his clothes, leaving me and my sister to deal with the house, sorting it, clearing it, all the finances that go with it... and at any given moment the landlord could kick us out if they fnd out my dad has left... my dad has just walked away... only comes back for short periods (a few hours) to visit, my sister took an overdose with all the stress its causing and even on the night she was in hospital my dads (girlfriend) was asking what time he would be back... my dad didnt even bother to stay .. did as he was told and went back to her.. i feel she is controling him as he has had a complete personaility change .. even other family members are shocked by his behaviour.. its as if he is frieghtened of saying no to her....

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Re: Realisation Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
First of all, Good for you for taking care of your Dad. It saddens me that there aren't more people like yourself you are willing to take care of their parents.
Second, what a strange situation. It does seem a bit odd that he all of the sudden would leave. It would be interesting to find out more about the girlfriend. I wouldn't normally suggest spells, but it does seem appropriate in this situation. I think a truth spell of some sort put on her and a charmed necklace of protection against spells for your Dad might help. Might be tricky to do without them knowing but not impossible.
Good luck and blessed be!
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Re: Realisation Spell
Post # 5

Many thanks for your reply.. i had not actually thought of a truth spell before, but to put one on her, what would that achieve? but yes i know my dad has been telling 'fibs'.. i feel his relationship with this lady is based on money pure and simple as suddenly he is moving in with her a few weeks after winning some money on the lottery..

All i know is this woman has no compassion, and that she even disowned her own daughter because she didnt approve of something she did, she has 3 grandsons, but only one grandson bothers with her.. and that is all i know... my dad hardly bothers with his sde of the family anymore, even seeing his great grandson less frequently.. and yes it hurts when your own father choses another family over his own.. especially after all we have done for him... something isnt right.. this much i am certain of.

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