Candle colours?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Candle colours?

Candle colours?
Post # 1
What would be meaning/effect of burning a (almost red) purple candle, white candle and (almost orange) pink candle at the same time during a spell?
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Re: Candle colours?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
seems a little contradictory, but probably some type of attraction. i've been told burning a white and purple candle neutralizes the effects of karma, but i've never done it so don't quote me. pink, orange and red candles used together could be used to attract love, purple could be used to protect it or give the caster confidence [though purple candles are typically for psychic or spiritual work] and the white is commonly spiritual or protection, but could be used in a love spell theoretically as it can also be used in truth spells or to heal broken emotions. personally i wouldn't use so many colours [even if two of them are mixtures] narrow down that you're trying to do and stick with one or two colours.
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Re: Candle colours?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Here's the generally accepted meanings for candles of those colors:

White Spirituality, The Goddess, Peace, Higher Self, Purity, Virginity (which means that the womans mind is her own, and not controlled by a man) white may also be substituted for any other color.

Orange Business Goals, Property Deals, Ambition, Career Goals, General Success, Justice, Legal Matters, Selling, Action

Purple Influencing People in High Places, Third Eye, Psychic Ability, Spiritual Power, Self Assurance, Hidden Knowledge

So put all together it sounds as though the spell is meant to influence those who might bring to fruition so business or legal issue one is having into finding in your favor; and perhaps requesting the assistance of a Goddess to bring about the desired result. Perhaps for Ma'at in a matter of justice or a legal case.

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Re: Candle colours?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Its true as lark says. Those are about the average color definition. But honestly it dosent matter. The color of the candle is there to help the practitioner visualize and focus. I use whatever color of candle I like becuase I no longer need the visual aid.
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Re: Candle colours?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
That would all depend on the spell. Personally I wouldn't use any candles like that in a spell unless the spell especially calls for it
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Re: Candle colours?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Purple: Purple, known as the spiritual shield, is used for protection. It wards off evil and promotes spiritual healing. A purple candle is also good when there's a higher need for wisdom and psychic awareness, as it aids in getting in touch with your own intuition and spirituality.

Red: Not surprisingly, red is the color of love, passion, and lust. So if your intention is anything in that realm- like magnetism, desire, or fertility- light a red candle. In addition to the romantic aspect, red means courage, strength, good health, energy, and action. Red is also used for protection, motivation and willpower. Also, if you need your luck to change for the better, light a red candle.

White: The most commonly used color for candles in spiritual practice is white, as it represents the highest spirituality and repels negativity. A white candle also symbolizes purity, peace, truth, and protection

Pink: A pink candle signifies emotional love, friendship, and happiness. Pink the color to use for tenderness, spiritual healing, honor, and caring. However, keep in mind that a pink candle can also represent romance, affection, and sensual pleasure.

I would have said a protection spell had pink not been there. The above are the meanings of each candle,I would say an attraction spell but a protection is also likely :)
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