energy and forces

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energy and forces
Post # 1
ever since I started practicing witchcraft (white) my day dreams/dreams have been more realistic. one time I imagined a polar bear attacking me and when it collided with me I flew back a few feet in real life. why?

is this magic related, or am I just getting more creative?

another time I had a dream where I was kidnapped by a serial killer and I woke up with a cut on my arm that I don't remember.
please explain.
creative, magic, or just mental?
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Re: energy and forces
Post # 2

Most people don't call Witches "white" or "black" they are all shades. Even people who study or want to do "White" magick they do "Black" magick as well. So in all aspects we are pretty much "Grey" if your naming colors. Sense we are still humans we still have flaws.

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Re: energy and forces
Post # 3

Well some dreams become so powerful they become real, or you just slept walked.

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Re: energy and forces
Post # 4
Most likely you developed the cut in your sleep and it made you dream of the killer attack. That happens often to people. I once dreamt that a girl I had issues with shot me through the side with an arrow. I awoke to a puncture wound on my side and found that I had inadvertently fell asleep with my knitting needles in my bed. Now I am cautious to put away anything I could get hurt on. As for being pushed away it could be your imagination, an energy surge or a great many other things
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Re: energy and forces
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
What I could imagine happened is something that happens to many. If you were maybe moving in your sleep a bit before you were dreaming and maybe caught your arm on something; The likely-hood is that you subconsciously turned that feeling into a dream so your dream just became about something bad. Relating to the cut. If this isn't the case then maybe as you were dreaming about being kidnapped you decided to go on a little walk...In your sleep haha and that may be how your cut was formed. Also onto the other point with the imagination, I've been doing magic all my life so I'm speaking from a friends opinion who said to me she has gotten a lot more imaginative since she started Witchcraft, That being of white magic.
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