Getting Over Ex GF???

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Getting Over Ex GF???
Post # 1
I need help. I never could get over my ex girlfriend. She was so wonderful and brilliant, but then she turned haywire. She turns on me, lies to me, even threatened to kill me and has the audacity to put a restraining order against me when she's the one who attacked and abused me. I was always hoping that her old self the girl I once knew and loved would come back. I now see that that is never going to happen and she is going down a horrible road that I'm just not wanting to follow. She became insane and bitchy and stubborn. I know there's no hope for her and if there's anyway there's going to be any hope for me is to save myself. So does anybody know any spells or potions that will help me just get over her and what she's put me through so I can go on with my life. I need a spell/potion that doesn't require incense or herbs because I can not get those at all. The only supplies I can get are candles. So please help me save myself. Thanks and blessed be.
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Re: Getting Over Ex GF???
Post # 2
Sorry to hear about all of that :( Moving on is really hard from those kinds of situations. Even if all you have at your disposal are candles, there is plenty you can do spell wise to bring yourself better peace of mind - don't forget, the only thing you really need with magic is yourself and your intent. If you work with any deities/entities/etc., you can ask them to intercede on your behalf to help you move forward and bring you healing as well. A simple spell you could do would be to light a candle and envision it as a beacon for the new chapter in your life, a flame of hope and healing and a herald of new beginnings for yourself. Write down your ex's name on a piece of paper, and - if you can - let it be burned away by the candle. (Or, if you can't do that, go ahead and rip it up and you can bury the pieces). In these kinds of situations, I personally prefer the whole "burn away and start fresh" approach, but I know that might not be everybody's cup of tea... Just do what feels natural to you, helps you take the next step, and can assist you in putting this behind you. Aside from magical approaches, it might also be a good idea to see if therapy would be a good resource and coping tool for you as well.
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Re: Getting Over Ex GF???
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
The best way to get over an ex-gf is to get a new gf.
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