Elements in spells?

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Elements in spells?
Post # 1
Well, as a Capricorn, my natural element is Earth.
I really couldn't tell you why, but before I even knew that my element was earth, I had took a weird dislike to the element.
I didn't hate it, exactly, I just had much more negativity towards it than any other element, however odd that sounds.
I heard in a few places that your element can effect your spells and on some occasions, give you the ability to cast spells that would've been much harder to cast if you were of any other element.
Is this true? And if so, would my dislike for my element change anything?
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Re: Elements in spells?
Post # 2
First off, you should know that you are of all the elements, not just one. You may be more inclined to one or a few, but you should not work only with it/them.

Most people find "their element" with astrology, however, that is not always the case. Just because your astrological sign is an Earth sign doesn't mean that you are more inclined to the Earth element. You should still try to work with it if you intend to work with the other elements and include them in your castings.

Because you are connected to all of the elements, they all affect your castings if you want them to. You cannot pick and choose. You should accept all of them or none of them.
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Re: Elements in spells?
Post # 3
Thanks. I wasn't sure entirely how to phrase what I was saying, I just feel a whole lot of negativity towards that element for a reason I couldn't explain. I have no problem with being working with it, I was just curious as to whether my random negativity would effect anything.
Thanks for the help- I'm not afraid to admit I'm very new to all of this and I'm still trying to get a basic knowledge, which includes me asking many questions, especially those that make no sense because I barely know what I'm talking about in the first place. But really, thank you for explaining it to me, it definitely helps.
p.s Sorry if my first post was quite... crude?... I'm naturally a fairly negative and blunt person.
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