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hello I'm new
Post # 1
Hello, I'm new here and i need help... I want this guy I like to text me because we never talk on the phone, we use to text all the time and last night he didn't really text me, and I told him I like him and he said cool I'm starting to like you too, but we need to take things slow and then a few days a later we hung out and things went good and we almost went all the way, he has a lot going on, and I'm picking up on his vibes and its draining me, he is married but he doesn't live with wife and they do have a kid 2gether and she cheats on him all the time and there back and forth and she cheats on him and he is going through a lot and giving her chances and I want him to text me because I'm depressed when i don't speak to him and i want to know how he really feels, I won't do a love spell, but is there something where I can do to ease his mind for him to help him make the right choice and make him happy? and to make him text me, I'm almost in tears because I can't handle this anymore, I'm feeling strong vibes and this isn't good... I can't eat and haven't been for almost a week.. please help! thanks!
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Re: hello I'm new
Post # 2
I'm just gonna wait for a Knowledgeable or a Novice to answer this because it is way too confusing for me.

BLessed be !
I recommend changing the title of the thread though. ^^
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Re: hello I'm new
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Yes there are ways to help people ease their pains, empaths do it a lot. "Some" spells can also do the same. I wouldn't get to involve though, it will work out itself, you got to remember most unsuccessful relationships need time to greive. Here is the best advice I can give you, don't do spells or anything like that, be there for him, when he needs you, but also back off a little when he doesn't. This is away the heart is mending itself.

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Re: hello I'm new
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Controlling people is not the way to go.

I really recommend shielding yourself! All this negative energy flooding into you is not good. Grounding yourself is also a good idea, as it will help clear your mind. Ask yourself why you're so attached to him, why it matters so much for him to text you, and if it's really worth feeling sad or depressed over.

If he's married, that also isn't a good idea. Even if it isn't a good relationship they're in, you have to respect that he's still connected to this girl and their child.

Do you think that you would have a real relationship right now? I hate to say this, but he is most likely using you as an escape from his life. Relationships like this are never good, and he is most likely not taking you seriously at all.

While I could be wrong, do you really want to take that chance? Everything about this scenario sounds toxic, and I highly recommend stepping out of it.
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Re: hello I'm new
Post # 5
I don't believe you should help him for a few reasons. Beyond the fact that it is wrong because he is married. You want him to text you because of how you feel. You want to make him happy because of how you feel. You don't care about his wife getting better to work it out. This is "bad" magick because you want this broken family to fall apart so you can get the man you want. You know what decisions you want him to make. They are what you consider "right" and he isn't you. Don't seek a spell instead support him in whatever he decides and don't try to influence him. Remember he has a child with that young lady so it is stressful and it doesn't go away with divorce.
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