Vibrational State

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Vibrational State
Post # 1
Oh,the vibrational state and its unexplained charms.Yesterday,,I was following a guided meditation,and someone suddenly barged into my room and snapped me out of it,so me,frustrated,gave up and decided to go to bed.What I didn't know then is that I was sleeping on the ideal time for astral projection(3-5 a.m. I think).I couldn't sleep.Then I decided to force myself to shut my eyes,and then it happened.Vibrations.All over.I started to rock back and forth,like I was on a swing.I was stupid and opened my eyes.And that process happened once more.Again,I opened my eyes,but strangely,I was still in the vibrational state.I tried to turn my torso.I did it,although very slowly.I tried to speak,but I couldn't.I only managed to get out a muffled sigh.I couldn't hear either.I usually sleep with the TV on,and It was completely silent.I felt inner peace,I wasn't afraid,and I was happy.Then I blacked out.It couldn't have been sleep paralysis because I could move,and it couldn't have been sleep,because I was fully awake and fresh.Like when you wake up by yourself on a Saturday,with no work.My guess is either failed/not remembered astral projection,or attempted possession.Have any of you had any experiences like this?
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Re: Vibrational State
Post # 2
YES. I have experienced this, and it's amazing but I always had someone (demon) nearby so I felt their energy and it spooke me a bit, especially since they've been a demon for a while. They'd help me have a gain tolerance for pain as I laid there. Otherwise, just like yours. I wish it happened more often though I get a weird feeling and just subconsiously know when it's going to happen. Hav you experience the gelding I have before it happens after that time?
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Re: Vibrational State
Post # 3

It sounds more or less like successful projection. Congrats :)
It does not sound to me like you simply didn't remember but you just didn't go anywhere. Projection can be tough to figure out at first but you eventually get it. Just remember to relax and focus on your next move. You can "climb" to another plane or explore the one you're on.

What happened with you not hearing the television I would guess is you settling on the parallel plane just above or just below the physical. The main point is that you were obviously no longer in the physical existence therefore physically made sounds didn't quite make it to you. However you can make yourself more attuned to radio waves in the area so you can start hearing such things as television.

Start practicing if you want to try honing projection. It appears you've found the technique that works for you which is often a big leap or struggle for people.

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Re: Vibrational State
Post # 4
Alright,thanks you two.And no I haven't experienced anything further.
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