Help me un-bind myself

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Help me un-bind myself
Post # 1
A little over a year ago I was devastated by the man I thought was my heart. He destroyed me when he took everything I owned, my heart, my car, my belongings, and my dog. He ran off with a Pagan woman who taught him how to break me down day after day for over a month and I almost had to be committed. In the darkness of extreme pain, I cast a binding spell to prevent him from being happy with her and to feel he could not live without me, as I wanted him to truly feel my pain. I have recently returned to the place where I cast the spell and find that I cannot get him out of my head. I do not want him there. He is no longer anything to me but a painful memory I wish to remove can anyone help me?? PLEASE I meant no real harm yet I feel it backlashed onto me.
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Re: Help me un-bind myself
Post # 2
The threefold law has been put into play. You need too let him go and be free to be happy, and you'll be unbound as well. Here is a simple way:

You will need some sage, some rose water (or holy water), a black candle and a white candle. Two white candles can be used if black one is not available. Also two small sheets of paper, pencil (or pen) and a fire proof dish.

You will take a shower and prepare for a bath. Fill the tub and add as much rose water as you'd like but the key here is to get a good scent going on in the water. To not use too much I recommend you not fill the tub all the way, try half way first. If you don't have rose water then holy water will be fine but it won't have the same effect as the rose water will promote self love and attract a new love perhaps. Holy water will only have a cleansing effect (about a cups worth poured into the tub will turn the entire tub of water into holy water).

While you are in the tub you may light some sage as an incense (I use it for many workings). After you get out of the tub you air dry and ocne completely dry you can then smudge yourself using the sage. Just pass the smoke all over your body to cleanse you. Then proceed withthe left over to cleanse your room or house.

With all of these actions you should be ready for the last of the ritual. You light the black candle and say "*name of person* I wish you happiness and love in live but now is the time to say good bye. Our relationship has ended and I release the pain and and sadness within"

Light the white candle and say "I trust in God and welcome his blessings into my life. May I be healed and ready to accept all the blessings sent to me."

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Re: Help me un-bind myself
Post # 3
Thank you for that advice it means a lot to me to have a place that others actually care about others.
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Re: Help me un-bind mysel
Post # 4
Many of us have experienced heartbreak, as it is a part of life. I feel that it was simply your desire to cause him the same pain that has you focusing on him. Let him go, and forgive yourself for what you have done. If you do not then no amount of magic will fix it. I do agree that a cleansing would help as well. May you find the love you seek from within as well as from others :)
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