To All Spirital Friends

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To All Spirital Friends
Post # 1
Hello to all!
I've been on this site quite a bit.
But for some reason, I never paid attention
to the fourms. Am I glad I did. Reason
why I'm here is learn, communicate and understand.
Some years ago I was a victim of paranormal attacks.
Which has made me spiritually stronger.

5 months ago, a cousin of mine wanted to visit a psychic,
I gave my warnings, my cousin didn't listen, make a long story short.
The psychic gave my cousin a palm reading, then the psychic
looked at me talking about all kinds of bad stuff (even death)
even thoe she told me all this while requesting $1800 from me.
She told me if I don't give her the money, all these bad things will happen to me.I was ferrious. Something keep telling me to go to the craft shop.
I went in and the lady at the counter was so nice and helpful.
I told her my situation and she helped me with protection charms and requested that I take a 3 day spiritual cleansing bath. I did the 3 day ritual.
I also bought a lions board of which has been very helpful. My psychic
has opened at 95%. Of which I get vibrations thru my feet, its like a
slight wave of heat.

If the heat wave is going up towards my legs, everythings ok,
but when the heat wave goes down to my feet to my toes,
that means something foul is about to happen.
I'm a pisces, has anyone been thru this type of situation with
a crooked psychic before? Also does anyone get that burning
sensation up their leg to their feet? If so, is that part of
your-my psychic?

My issue now is jealous envious people, who are trying to
get my cousin evicted. Does anyone knows of a high level
spell that will protect my cousin from evil people and
that will stop this upcoming eviction.

And because of that evil psychic woman, as my own personal
defense, I have choosin the arts of the spiritual realm.
Thank you all for your precious time.
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Re: To All Spirital Friends
Post # 2
Let me tell you this up front: the "evil psychic" was a con artist.

I believe that what you are experiencing may not be magickal at all. Perhaps find out why your cousin is being evicted in the first place before looking for a magickal solution. Go to a doctor for the burning in your feet and see what he/she has to say about it.
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Re: To All Spirital Friends
Post # 3
Yea, online psychics. Load of crap,tell you what they think you want to hear and to get the rest of your "psychic reading" send a donation. My old inbox is probably full of them trying to get money off of me. If they were real they would have known better that to put a lot of what they did in the emails and they will harass you to. Never doin that again.
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Re: To All Spirital Friends
Post # 4
Adding to LOKI's post, most psychics out there are fakes that you can spot a mile away esp if they ask you for that amount of money, I don't know if you were actually attacked but if that was the case a simple protection and warding off spell wouldn't cost that much.
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Re: To All Spirital Friends
Post # 5
Thank you all for your positive feedback,
I have been doing candle magick, still have a candle burning from yesterday...everythings looking good, I must always have a positive outlook on a situation that may seem irratating, of which I make sure to change that
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