Help- Dream meaning?

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Help- Dream meaning?
Post # 1
Well, fairly recently, I had a dream that's really stuck in my mind, much more than any other dream I've had.
The actual dream was as goes;
I was in some kind of forest/hill area, completely covered in snow and stretching a long distance.
I was a dragon; I don't know how I could first tell, as I seemed to be almost third person, watching over the scene.
The dragon I saw was sort of white and grey, standing on the top of one of the hills and roaring as it watched my family (mother, brother, and other people I can't quite tell). I felt deserted, like they'd personally abandoned me.
Once my family has driven off the hill and behind some trees, I found myself AS the dragon, instead of looking at it.
I was flying, away from the previous scene. I could see for what must have been miles. The part that made this different from other things was the quality of the whole thing, and the fact that I could feel the wind rushing around me, cool air blowing against my face. The only senses I've ever had in a dream before, are sight, emotion, and sometimes sound.
It was just like that for a short while, flying over the deserted (minus the trees) land. I don't know what happened, but suddenly I felt I was falling.
You know when you're lying down, and just for a moment, you get the feeling of falling, and then you move, and it's normal. It was like that, but it lasted longer. I could still feel the wind rushing around me, and see some of the scene as the ground rushed to meet me.
I felt so PEACEFUL, in that short time.
That was very different, too. I'm completely terrified of heights.
I get terrified looking out of my second story window, to be honest.
When I woke up, I couldn't help but urge to be there again, flying, regardless of the fact that normally, I'd been terrified.

I know that was very long, and I apologise, but I'd really appreciate it if anyone could respond with their thoughts.
It just felt very different, and unusual from the dreams I normally have.
Thanks for reading. :)
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Re: Help- Dream meaning?
Post # 2
It could be a message from the dragon itself or some othe sort of overseer trying to tellyou something that either is going to happen and you can avoid or maybe it can be about some other close friend/relative.
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