good healing spells

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> good healing spells

good healing spells
Post # 1
hey, i am just starting and i would like to learn some healing spells that aren't "fluffy spells". please post the spells
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Re: good healing spells
By: / Novice
Post # 2
what exactly are you looking for? there's tons of healing spells, so is there a specific type you want?

i just read one last night in Scott Cunninghams Magoical Sampler. haven't tried it, but i will next time i've got a cold. it's a simple remedy to get rid of a common cold.

  • 3 green onions

  • 1 red onion

  • 3 bay leaves

  • 1 clove of garlic

  • sea salt

  • spring [or bottled] water

  • a pot

  • pour the water into the pot [doesn't say how much, but i'd got with 4 cups] and set on the stove to boil. chop the onions and garlic separately and set aside. sprinkle the salt in the water and say:

    With this salt, I now halt, sickness and illness here.

    add the chopped onion:

    Energize the atmosphere; send all illness far from here.

    add the garlic:

    Garlic goes in the pot. Who is shick shall be not.

    finally add the bay leaves:

    Leaves of bay, keep at bay, illness today.

    continue heating for 3 minutes, remove from heat and let the sick person inhale the smell of the brew. allow it to cool then strain it into a jar. add 1/2 a cup to the sick persons bath water, 3 drops to a glass of water for the person to drink, and pour the rest outside on the ground.

    as i said, i just read that one last night, haven't tried it myself, though onions are said to heal colds, and my grandfather always eats a raw onion at the first sign of a cold, so try it yourself. be sure as you put each ingredient into the water you charge it with energy and feel the energy in the brew.
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    Re: good healing spells
    Post # 3
    a good chant/spell one would be : heal , repair , work.
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    Re: good healing spells
    By: / Novice
    Post # 4
    Herbs are great to use with healing spell work.
    This "tea" is good for flu's and colds...

    Ginger Tea

    ?Grate a half inch of fresh ginger using a cheese grater, or mince finely with a knife. Place in a mug.

    while adding the Ginger say "Heal the body with this tea, make it better for me"

    ?Fill the mug with boiling water and cover. Let stand for 15 ? 20
    ?Squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the mug, and add honey to taste.

    while adding the lemon and honey say "sweeten this brew to heal the body too"

    I don?t strain off the ginger; instead, I munch on the little pieces.
    ?You can also do a decoction of ginger root for a stronger brew.

    **as you drink the tea visualize your body being healed.
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    Re: good healing spells
    Post # 5
    You could also make a poppet of yourself or others. a poppet is a doll-like figure made of either candle wax or a doll sewn by needles. You can place healing herbs depending on what is causing the ill ness. Some herbs for healing can be Aloe, mint, honey suckle ect. Look up remedy herbs when you get the chance. You can either dress your poppet with the herbs or stuff them into your sewn doll and keep it in a safe place and when you or others feel sick they can hold the poppet to the place of illness.
    Some witches use simple healing spells to enhanse the healing energy. Heres a spell I often use in this type of situation.
    " This is me, Heal me, and take my illness away from me. Harm to none, let thy will be done, vanquish this illness until there is none."
    This is just one of the healing techniques used, Blessed be and be well.
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