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which spell to use...
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Hi everyone...
My ex and I broke up as he cannot afford to lose his only child. Seems his ex threatens to take the child away and he is afraid to lose everything he has worked for. It took weeks before we finally got to see each other again as we work together. We are not back together but really could not help it that at the end of the day, we are in each other's arms. I know he still loves me but he has fears of making that big step to be with me --- as opposed to last year that he made this commitment to be with me. Something happened in that 2 weeks that he frequently saw his child that would make me want to think that a spell was cast on him. What do I do? What spell should I use to make him decide to be with me again just like before? Or does anyone believe that a spell was cast on him in that 2 weeks that everything happened? We have been together for more than a year without any major issues and all the changes happened in the 2 weeks he was frequently with his child and his ex. I have never felt so contented in life until I met him but I do not know what happened exactly in that span of time I mentioned that caused him to be afraid of making that big step when in fact he was in the process of filing for that divorce already. A complete change. And I need all the help I can get as there is no doubt we still want to be with each other. It's just that there isthis fear in him that binds him to that situation to be with his ex. Help please...
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