can you feel illusion

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can you feel illusion
Post # 1
my apologies if I spelled the topic incorrectly I was watching dragon ball z and was day dreaming about what it would be like to fly and have superpowers so was picturing me in anime in the show fourm and I realized the I could feel it like a the boots I was wearing the way the cloths fit but not on my hands like I was feeling what someone else was feel near me but no one was there like if being intangible was a feeling that's what it was like there but not there please don't laugh i'm totally freaking out am I being spelled or is it some fourm of psychic empathy any advice you have would be really really be great please reply as soon as possible ************blessed be*********
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Re: can you feel illusion
Post # 2
I don;t completely understand what you are saying but yes, you can feel illusions. This entire reality is an illusion created from our minds. Illusions are very real, but not in the sense we are use to thinking of.
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Re: can you feel illusion
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Sounds more like a simple psychological effect on your mind. Much the same way as we can sometimes feel like we're raising out of bed, or falling into the bed in some cases; from what I can understand, it's just our brains carrying out various tasks and activities, and creating some fairly unusual sensations (in the case of falling or raising when close to sleep, it could also be your brain testing to see if you're asleep so it can shut the body down, by testing your reaction). Given that you were actively imagining about supernatural things, the fact that you might "feel" something and attribute it to a potential supernatural occurrence isn't terribly far fetched.

All in all though, I'd say, don't worry about it. While other people may have different answers, that seems like a fairly likely answer to be true, in my ever so humble opinion. ;-)
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Re: can you feel illusion
Post # 4
It's the same idea as making a psy ball. The energy is very real.
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